Beta Readers are Invaluable!

It’s hard for friends and family to remain objective.  And, for me, when they say they “I loved it!”–I still doubt they’re telling me their true feelings. It’s a crazy cycle of hope and disbelief… and I ask them a thousand times: “Really? You really liked it?” 

So, what’s a writer to do? Lucky for me, I found an independent consulting firm that specializes in all types of services for a writer. 

Quiethouse editing provides more than editing services; they offer access to a bank of Beta readers. For a small fee, a writer can hire several readers to assess their manuscript. They’ll place detailed notes on your draft and complete a comprehensive questionnaire.

I received three great reviews! However, one of the readers didn’t like my story at all!  

Strangely enough, I might have learned more from the reader that didn’t like my novel than from the other two that loved my book. Either way, all of their thoughtful reports allowed me to address areas in my story I might change. 

I know it can be scary to allow someone to read your novel. I chewed my nails off to the quick the first time, but it’s worth it! 

If you are serious about being a good writer, you must let others read your works.

There are other ways to acquire Beta readers; you can join writing groups and forums. Whichever method you choose, today’s the day! Find one and let them read!

Forever Green

The frost killed many of our hedges this past winter; I had to get really creative and make the walkway look great fast! Thanks to a few craft stores—we are up and running! ???

DFW Writers Workshop!

I attended the DFW Writers Conference this past weekend. It was invaluable! I met so many wonderful writers, agents, editors, and vendors. I made new friendships and rekindled others.

My batteries are recharged and I’m back to writing. I feel so encouraged, and can’t wait for the next event!

I enjoyed so many of the classes. One of my favorites was given by, Colleen Story,

We are all fighting the Self-Doubt Monster! She even gave us our own plastic monster to help us visualize the aggravating beast! Lol