Beta Readers are Invaluable!

It’s hard for friends and family to remain objective.  And, for me, when they say they “I loved it!”–I still doubt they’re telling me their true feelings. It’s a crazy cycle of hope and disbelief… and I ask them a thousand times: “Really? You really liked it?” 

So, what’s a writer to do? Lucky for me, I found an independent consulting firm that specializes in all types of services for a writer. 

Quiethouse editing provides more than editing services; they offer access to a bank of Beta readers. For a small fee, a writer can hire several readers to assess their manuscript. They’ll place detailed notes on your draft and complete a comprehensive questionnaire.

I received three great reviews! However, one of the readers didn’t like my story at all!  

Strangely enough, I might have learned more from the reader that didn’t like my novel than from the other two that loved my book. Either way, all of their thoughtful reports allowed me to address areas in my story I might change. 

I know it can be scary to allow someone to read your novel. I chewed my nails off to the quick the first time, but it’s worth it! 

If you are serious about being a good writer, you must let others read your works.

There are other ways to acquire Beta readers; you can join writing groups and forums. Whichever method you choose, today’s the day! Find one and let them read!

Flight or Write?

Hi! I’m CONNIE BISKAMP. Thanks for stopping by.

I am a new author. Well, I’m not really a new author; the fact is I love to write, I always have. So, what’s the problem you ask?  My fear of proper writing techniques, which had kept me hidden in the shadows for years. I’d longed to share my stories and scripts, but I allowed the anxiety of failure and other’s judgments to stifle my creativity.
In the past, I dared not expose my vulnerabilities, but this came to abrupt end on January 19, 2015, when an incredible idea for a story woke me from a dead sleep.  A futuristic, human-like android, Trammel, demanded I tell his story.
With immense passion and many more sleepless nights, I typed out my initial draft.  I knew I had to share Trammel’s story, because, in some ways, it’s a lot like my own. Many of us can relate to being awkward, and most of us long to fit in and be loved.
However, sometimes we must throw our fears aside and get out there, whether we are greeted with cheers or jeers. So, that’s what I am doing, I am jumping in! Cold water, no water…here we go! If you, too, are an Underground Scribe, join me. Let’s work through these struggles together. We have great stories within us, life-changing dramas that need to be told. Besides, I feel confident there will be plenty of fellow posters that won’t mind helping us, and you and I can grow from their knowledge, and in turn, teach them a few things of our own. Let’s help each other reach our goals and make our dreams tangible. So, go dust off that old manuscript, pull out those forgotten novels, lyrics, and poems again, or start some new ones. Let’s forget about being perfect; let’s focus on being real instead.
On this exciting journey, I have found many talented individuals to help me. But, my first and foremost recommendation is my writing coach, Sarah Lovett. If you need help getting started or unstuck, check out her website at
More posts to come…