The Spirit of Writing

While writing my novel, there were times it seemed more like taking dictation. I could barely keep up with all the information my characters wanted or needed to share. Plot twists and background ideas popped in my head at the strangest of times and places, too. 

It reminded me of a young child tugging on their mom’s blouse, vying for attention:

“Don’t forget! I didn’t want Trammel to see the android assembly line,” Helena said.

“Remember the blood stains on my dad’s backpack,” Chase said.

“Be sure to mention my metal vest, again,” Trammel said.

I won’t forget, I’ll remember. I reassured myself.

Individuals, who choose not to write, might consider me crazy…and perhaps I am to a degree. Notice I said, “choose not to write”, that is because I feel we all have a story to tell. I think everyone should write a little everyday of anything that comes to mind. Either add an entry to a journal or indulge in fantasy.

For me, fictional writing is a form of “playing pretend”… allowing myself to explore different worlds or address those feeling within, that I would never act upon in real life.

I encourage you to begin your journey, if you haven’t already. Start writing anywhere you can. 

I wrote my first draft of, Trammel ─ The Code of Humanity, on my smart phone. I keyed away, while waiting in line at the supermarket or sitting with sick relatives, or during commercial breaks while watching my Dallas Cowboys play. 

If you are waiting for the perfect time or setting, you will never begin…there isn’t such a place. Distractions are around us, even in our writing havens. 

So, let your characters speak to you while engaged in your everyday tasks. Text or email yourself ideas. Also, there are many apps for smartphones to help you write a book. Find one you like and take that first step. Get in the spirit of writing today! Put the voices in your head to good use!

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